I was born in Israel in 1953. I grew up in a Jewish, socialist-minded, family that also cherished the dream of many Israeli that one day peace will be made with our neighbours. However, war is still going on. The occupation has a malicious effect on both our nations. This situation cannot create mutual respect, only hate and fear.




My work focuses on both humanism and spirituality. Through my work I am inviting visitors to consider the Jewish-Palestinian problem. This is only one of the so many conflicts in the world. In conflicts each party brings along its own cultural and historical burden, incorporated in its collective memory, in its hope as well as in its standpoint: “we are right”.

Once Theodor Herzl, a Jewish-Austrian activist, journalist and press-agent (1860-1904) stated: “If you will, it is no legend.” The creation of the State of Israel, at that time a fastidious dream to accomplish, appeared to be feasible. Can PEACE ever be achieved in the Middle East? “If you will, it is no legend.”



About my work now


Peace has not yet been attained in my homeland. Dreams continue to prevail, as does life. I look inside my self. I create from within my essence, attentive to what life brings forth. Inspiration is observing whatever is present in my self, observing life.


Hospitality 2015


How welcoming are the Europeans to the refugees?
How welcoming are the Dutch to the refugees?
How do you keep the balance?
Can you receive lots of guests without feeling threatened?


A different culture from the desert mixes with the European culture.
How will it be for the guests and the host; how will the future look like here? Will you lose your own identity?
How do you maintain a good balance?




Artist’s Books


Also my artist’s books – entire books painted by myself – are dealing with struggle and hardship of opposing nations. Hopefully, there will be a day that the opposing parties will reach mutual respect and make peace. The topics and symbols mentioned above are integrated in these books.

Each book represents a unique piece realized in mixed technique.

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