Visual Artist Ofra Goland


Ofra Goland Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1953

Since her illustration for the "The Prophet" van Khalik Gibran in 1975, the book is still reprinted and famous till now.



1983 State Academy of Arts, Amsterdam; direction painting and scenography
1983 Traineeship at Dutch Opera Company, costumes’ department In Israel until 1973: painting, sculpting, graphic design and etching
Until 1974 In Israël: painting, sculpture, grafic design and etching



2000 Winner of design contest ‘Ex Libris Groningae’ commissioned by Groningen County Council and Philip Echers, publisher
1997 Winner of the design contest of ‘Groningen County Council Promotional Gifts’
1990 Documentation subsidy, Amsterdam City Council
1989 Project subsidy, Ministry of Culture, The Netherlands
1976 Scholarship for abroad, Ministry of Education & Culture, Israël



2000 University library Groningen
1994, 1999 Museum of Literature, The Hague
1998 - 2006 Meermanno-Westreenianum Museum, The Hague
1993 Ministry of Education & Sciences
1993 Art Centre, Rotterdam



2014 Nationaal Muiseum, Beeldend kunstenaars-G.



2016 In De Portiersloge 'Gastvrijheid' Groningen
2015 "Gastvrijheid", groepsexpositie in de etalages v.d. winkels, Amsterdam (Kunsttraject)
2013 The Museum of ImaJewnation: Freedom Imagined, St. Louis U.S.A
2013 In De Portiersloge ‘Ontmoeting’ Groningen
2009 "The art of Money" Danmark Industrimuseum, Copenhagen, Danmark (groupexhibition)
2009 Middle East dream: 'als je het wilt is het geen droom', Doopsgezinde Kerk, Groningen (solo)
2007 'Art of Money' groupexhibition, Geldmuseum, Utrecht
2007 Atelierroute, Groningen
2006 - 2007 Artist Post art project ‘Oproep’, BR & T productions, Hengelo
2006 ‘De Nieuwe Weg in beeld’, group exhibition, art displayed in shop windows, Groningen
2001 - 2005 Art Gallery ‘Mooie Dingen’, Groningen
2003 Wolters Noordhoff, publishing house, Groningen
2001 Atelierroute, Groningen
2000 Pictura Gallery, '10x5(›40-50)' abstract work, group exhibition, Groningen
2000 Crossfire Periferic Arts, group exhibition, Amsterdam
1999 Kunsthal Rotterdam, exhibition with several artists from Groningen and Rotterdam
1999 Guido Gezelle Museum, Gezelle project – Mail Poetry - group exhibition, Bruge, Belgium
1999 Pulchri Studio, exhibition of Israeli artists, commissioned by CIDI, The Hague
1996 - 1998 Art Centre, group exhibition, Groningen
1994 ‘Een stemming’, travelling group exhibition, Houses of Parliament and Municipal Museum Arnhem (among other things)
1991 Kunsthal 88 (subsidized by Ministry of Culture), Almelo
1989 - 1991 Zagwijn Gallery, The Hague
1987 - 1988 Bernard Mantz Gallery, Amsterdam
1984 Nanky de Vreeze Gallery, Amsterdam
1975 Dugit Gallery, illustrations of ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran, Tel-Aviv, Israel



2015 Kunst in de etalage ’15, Oldenzaal
2010 “Als je wilt is het geen droom”, De Portiersloge Groningen (kunstenaarsboek/schilderij)
2007 University library Groningen, group exhibition, Jewish exlibris culture in Nederland
2006 Noord Gallery, group exhibition ‘Rond het Boek’, Groningen
2006 ‘De Nieuwe Weg in beeld’, group exhibition, art displayed in shop windows, Groningen
2006 Athena’s Bookshop, Groningen
2005 Groningen County Hall, ‘De Magie van het boek’, one of 25 winners
2003 Wolters Noordhoff, publishing house, Groningen
2002 CBK, ‘(un)bound art books’, Philip Echers, publisher, Groningen
2002 Noord Gallery, ‘De Onthulling’ hommage to, group exhibition, Groningen
2001 Atelierroute, Groningen
2000 25 Exlibris Groningae, group exhibition, Groningen County Hall
1998 Philip Echers, 12,5 years, group exhibition in Meermanno-Westreenianum Museum, The Hague
1993 - 1996 ‘Duizend-en-1-brieven’, travelling group exhibition in Municipal Museum Alkmaar and PTT Museum, The Hague (among other things)
1993 Art books, ‘Boekie Boekie’ project, CBK Rotterdam



2011 JMW postcard "Live in Peace / To live peacefully" (2003)
2009 Lecture at Exhibition Middle East dream “Als je het wilt, is het geen droom” (solo), Doopsgezinde Kerk, Groningen
2005 Illusration for web site and folders
2001 School furniture designs in collaboration with Maico van Dijk, Borgmanschool, Groningen
2000 Designs of Exlibris Groningae, commissioned by Groningen County Council, published by Philip Elchers, Groningen
1999 Promotional gifts, Groningen County Council
1997 10 art books named ‘Roots in Heaven’ (AB collection series), commissioned by Philip Elchers, Groningen
1994 ‘Een Stemming’, object, commissioned by Ministry of Internal Affairs
1994 Panel, commissioned by Literature Museum, The Hague
1994 Workshop ‘Muziek te voorschijn toveren’, commissioned by Groningen Museum and Kunstcentrum, Groningen
1987 - 1990 ‘Muziek te voorschijn toveren’, commissioned by Philharmonic Orchestra Noord-Holland
1986 ‘Telefoon als kunstobject’, commissioned by PTT, Amsterdam



2013 Gezinsbode Groningen
2010 JMW postcard painting To live peacefully” (2003)
2009 Middle East dream: 'als je het wilt is het geen droom', Doopsgezinde Kerk, Groningen (solo) Gezinsbode, Dagblad van het noorden, Doopsgezinde krant
2008 - 2009 JMW Jewish Calendar
2007 JMW Benjamin - Ofra, een Israëli in Nederland
2006 Newsletter De Nieuwe Weg in beeld, Groningen
2006 Tableau, exhibition selection, Rond het Boek
2002, 2006 Noordzaken, quarterly of Noord Gallery, Groningen
2000 Newsletter, Philip Elchers, publisher, Groningen
1999 Telegraaf, Volkskrant (national newspapers, exhibition section)
1998 Goudsche Courant (regional newspaper, exhibition section)
1997 Nieuwblad van het Noorden, Groninger Dagblad (regional newspapers, booklet about Groningen)
1994 VB magazine (exhibition section)
1993 Elle (exhibition section)
1992 ‘Boekie Boekie’, NRC (national newspaper) literature, Rotterdams Dagblad (regional newspaper) (exhibition section)
1991 NRC, De Eemlander, Almelo’s Dagblad
1988 Kunstbeeld, Tableau, Gelders Dagblad, Telegraaf
1986 Leidsch Dagblad, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, Wassenaarder
1975 Newspaper article and interviews on radio and television in Israel about the illustrations of the book 'The Prohet' from Griban Khalil.




DVD  catalogue The Museum of ImaJewnation: Freedom Imagined St.  Louis U.S.A

2007 Catalogue "Art of Money". Publisher: Geldmuseum, Utrecht
2006 ‘Oproep’, Postartproject by artists, BR&T productions, Hengelo
2006 ‘Someone Different’, art book by Ofra Goland
2005 Catalogue ‘The 25 most beautiful books’, ‘De Magie van het Boek’ contest, Foundation Groningen as printed
2003 Catalogue "Beautiful pictures", fotomanifestation Noorderlicht 2003. Publisher: Beautiful Things, Groningen
2002 Catalogue (un)bound, CBK Groningen
2001 Catalogue Lustrum ‘Atelierroute’ Groningen, CD-rom
2000 25 Exlibris Groningae, standard and luxury edition, Groningen County Council and Philip Elchers, publisher, Groningen
1999 Catalogue ‘Toekomst’ Pulchri-studio, CIDI, The Hague
1999 Cd-rom Catalogue Guido Gezelle, Mail-Poetry, Guido Gezelle Museum, Brugge, Belgium
1998 Groningen, art booklet, publication of Groningen County Council, produced by Ekkers&Pauw
1997 ‘Roots in Heaven, 10 art books, AB Collection, Philip Elchers, publisher
1997 Catalogue ‘Eye Love Books’, art children’s books, BIS publishers, Amsterdam
1994 ‘Duizend-en-1-brieven’, museum book, edition Boekie Boekie, Autoped Rotterdam
1994 Catalogue ‘Een Stemming’, Ministry of Internal Affairs, temporary art by female artists, 75 years of suffrage
1975 - heden Illustrations, The Prophet, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Tamuz publishers, Tel-Aviv, Israël



2008 - 2010 “Limmoed” Amsterdam - Art workshop for adults and children
2009 Art projects with asylum seekers (children) for Nationale Stichting De Vrolijkheid
2004, 2005 Course ‘Artistic applications in coaching en career supervision’ from Dijstra & Smit, Groningen, completed
2004 Art centre ceramics from Liesbeth Kamp
2004 Participant Lokale Agenda 21 ‘Art project’, Environmental Management, Groningen
2000 - 2007 Member of committee for artist studio accommodation, Groningen


Visual Artist Ofra Goland